“We will never sell anything that we wouldn’t give to Jack and Jill.” – Taylor, Founder

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    Jack & Jill Pet Market is a luxury pet boutique located in Highland Park. The store is named after the owner’s beloved French Bulldogs, Jack & Jill. We strive to offer only the most stylish k9 couture, durable pet toys, and the healthiest food for your beloved furry member of your family. All our merchandise is unique because it is carefully selected.

    Our motto has always been — “We will never sell anything that we wouldn’t give to Jack and Jill.”

    Taylor Garrett



    CTO (Chief Tasting Officer)

    Jack is in charge of tasting all food and treats that the store offers. If Jack doesn’t like it, we don’t sell it! Jack often refers to himself as a “foodie” though he has no formal training. Jack’s favorite hobby is marking every telephone pole or tree he can find in uptown. His favorite toy is a Babble Ball.

    Jack and Jill Pet Market


    CGO (Chief Greeting Officer)

    Jill is in charge of greeting all customers when they walk in the door. She ensures every customer has the opportunity to give her as much attention as possible. Jill believes excellent customer service is essential for any business. Jill’s hobbies include chasing bugs and squirrels. Jill’s favorite toy is whatever toy Jack happens to be enjoying. Jill also like to model clothes for the store.

    Just some of the items we have available:

    Dry Food
    Wet Food
    Raw Food
    Freeze Dried Treats
    Organic Treats
    Grooming Products
    Vitamins and Supplements
    Elk Antlers
    Dental Supplies
    Eating/Water Bowls
    Bow Ties
    Birthday Cakes and Teats